Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A quick post

I have a few posts planned out for later this week, but I hate to go so long in between postings.  This week has been super crazy and I do not see it slowing down until Wednesday afternoon.  Yesterday I worked an 11 hour day, today will be a 10 hour day and tomorrow will be another 10 hour day.  I really don't mind the long days (especially if they start early and I can be home in time for dinner with my little guy), but last night was a late night.  We didn't make it home until 7:45 and then it was bath time and bed time for my fellow.  This morning it was so hard leaving him because I felt such a disconnect.  We didn't get any play time yesterday.  I know it could be a lot worse, but I miss my little man.  I may go visit him at lunch to give him hugs.

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  1. I totally understand this! By the time we get home, we're all tired and the necessities are about all that we can squeeze in. My little guy has learned to say Yay Friday! even though he may not fully understand what it means. I know I do! Hope Wednesday afternoon comes soon for you!

    Kate @ http://seriouslykateblog.blogspot.com