Thursday, January 10, 2013

DATE NIGHT: Letting go of Control

Every now and then it's time to shake things up in our marriage.  This weekend Aaron and I have agreed to do a little shopping trip with a twist.  Aaron and I are both control freaks.  We both have our own sense of style and refuse to give it up.  He claims that I never dress sexy anymore and am stuck in an uber-conservative preppy dressing rut and my hubby, bless his heart, wears pants that just don't fit right (honestly it looks like he has a constant wedgie... I really hope he doesn't read what I just wrote about him on the internet!). So here is what we will be doing this weekend.  Aaron will pick out one complete outfit for me to wear and I cannot complain and have to wear what he chooses and I will do the same for him.  He has already complained about not wanting to wear pink, which I probably won't make him wear, but it's fun to tease him about it a little bit.

Then after the outfits are picked out (no matter how awful they may be) we are going to go on a date.  We haven't decided where yet, but I think I may wait to pick a place out after I see what kind of outfit he picks out for me.  I'm really hoping Aaron doesn't pick out anything trashy.  I know he wants to see me dress sexier, but I hope sexy does not equal slutty.  I'm also hoping he does justice to my curves.

I will update with pictures as soon as we make it to the store this weekend!


  1. This is cute, I really want to see these outfits!! Thanks for stopping by A Geek In Glasses! I'm a new follower! Have agreat weekend.

    1. Thanks! We didn't make it out to buy the outfits last weekend so hopefully we get to it this weekend!