Friday, February 22, 2013

Mommy Wars

Earlier this week a reader directed me to an article posted on the National Nannies blog. The article, A Mom’s Guide to Balancing Work and Family, was a very good reference for those mothers who have already gone back to work or are getting ready to do so. In reading the article, it reminded me of some of the things I need to work on. One of the things I really need to focus on is carving out some 'me' time. I really hate dropping W off at his Nanny's house when I have a day off, but sometimes it needs done. I took this past Monday off from work and dropped him off. While he was there I was able to check so many things off my to-do list. My biggest achievement was scrubbing down the kitchen. I'm talking about a move the refrigerator and stove and clean behind them type of clean that takes a few hours. It felt so good to get that deep cleaning in both my kitchen and first floor bathroom. I'm already contemplating taking another day off in the near future to do the same to my living room, bedroom and upstairs bathrooms. I also need to work on the mommy guilt. Some days I feel so guilty dropping him off, but I really need to remind myself why I do it. I do it so he can have a roof over his head and all the financial security we need when it comes to raising a child. I've mentioned it before, but I really think the guilt is at its worst during the work week when our quality time together is at an all time low. I highly recommend other working parents take a look at it. I want to thank Carol Watson for sending me the link. Have a great weekend everyone! Click To Vote For Us @ Top Mommy Blogs. A Ranked & Rated Directory Of The Most Poular Mom Blogs


  1. I honestly don't know how anyone can keep up with a full time job and being a wife and mother! I would be exhausted; more exhausted then I am! You are doing a great job! Following along now!

  2. I found you through the hop and just had to check out your site. I love having diverse blogs to follow and hopefully, following back...because I love hearing about how working moms handle all of it! I'm fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom, entirely by choice, and I simply couldn't imagine having to leave my little one each day. Sacrifices are made on both sides...and it's time we all (mothers) support one another instead of criticizing one another's decisions!! I applaud your taking the time to yourself...everyone needs a "me" day, it makes you a better mom when you are with your babe! Looking forward to catching up!

  3. I need to try this.. my circumstance might be a little different, but I'm sure I could find someone to make this possible for me. My quality time with my kids is so important to me.. I heard a lyric in a song the other day "you cannot pour from an empty cup". I know I've heard before, as it is a common saying, but it hit me differently when I heard it sung by this woman. If I make important and meaningful time for me, I will have enjoy more meaningufl time with my children. Now, to open my calendar and find a slot.. hmmmmm
    ~Heather Rebekkah =)