Monday, March 4, 2013

True Working Mom Struggles

What do you do when your babysitter does not show up and you HAVE to be at work?  It is a question no working mom wants to face.  On Friday I had to deal with just that.  W's nanny got a new job and she started last Monday.  Our plan was for her friend to watch W at her house (she has a playroom all setup for him).  She started Monday and all was going well until Friday when she didn't show up.  She didn't call, didn't text and she wasn't answering her phone either.

I ended up taking W with me to work for a few hours.  He had to come to a meeting with me (where I chased him around the office).  Then we hopped in my car to go to my office when I scraped my door when I cut a turn too sharp coming out of the parking garage.  At that point I just lost it and started bawling in my car.  I called my mom crying.  I couldn't take much more.  We arrived at my office and he was SO well behaved.  I ended up working a half day before I took him in for a doctor's appointment.

This week, my mom, who lives three hours away, drove out to watch W all week and help us save in daycare costs and next week he will start at a daycare.  I'm really not looking forward to sending him.  His original nanny was so great with him and overall awesome.  We were so blessed to have her watch him for more than the first year of his life.  I know having him in daycare will only help him to be better socialized, but we are going to miss her!

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  1. I had this same dilemma, but it was a friend. She would always call, but it would be in the morning when I was supposed to be leaving. I have been fortunate enough to bring my kids in sometimes to work, but it doesn't work EVERY time. Now that they are in daycare, the only time I have this issue is if one of them is sick and shouldn't infect the other kids. This is one thing I miss about living away from family: no fillers. I have wonderful friends from church that help when they can, but the timing doesn't always work out. It's one of those hard work-outside-the-home mom priority decisions. =/