Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time to get things started!

I know there are a TON of working mom blogs out there, but somehow, I hope mine will be somewhat different and unique.  I am a working mom.  I work in politics (specifically on political campaigns).  My job requires me to put in long days and travel.  My son is only 11 months old, but this past year I have managed to take him with me on every work trip I have taken with the help of my wonderful mother.

My son, W, and I took our first work trip when he was 9 weeks old.  We took a five hour car ride to work with a candidate.  On our way we picked up my mother and she watched my little guy while I worked.  On top of the travel I am also still nursing my sweet boy and let me tell you traveling and pumping is a job all in of itself!

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